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CHK Heinz von Foerster - I front cover and contents

BOOK: CYBERNETICS & HUMAN KNOWING - A Journal of Second-Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cyber-Semiotics
10, No. 3-4, 2003

CONTENTS (sumário)
The Oroborous and the Glass Bead Game
Soren Brier and
Ranulph Glanville
Bernhard Poerksen: "At each and every moment, I can decide who I am"
Heinz von Foerster and Karl H. Müller: Action without Utility. An Immodest Proposal for the Cognitive Foundations of Behavior
Monika Bröcker: Between the lines - The part-of-the-world-position of Heinz von Foerster
Albert Müller: Heinz von Foerster's Archives
Louis H. Kauffman: Eigenforms - Objects as Tokens for Eigenbehaviors
Ranulph Glanville: Machines of Wonder and Elephants that Float through Air
Marcelo Pakman: Elements for a Foersteriam Poetics in Psychotherapeutic Practice
Frederick Steier and Jane Jorgenson: Ethics and Aesthetics of Observing Frames
Bernard Scott: "Heinz von Foerster - An Appreciation" (Revisited)
Gerard de Zeeuw: Discovering Social Knowledge
Stuart Umpleby: Heinz von Foerster and the Mansfield Amendment
ASC Pages
Pille Bunnell: Reflections on the Phrase "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"
Ranulph Glanville: A (Cybernetic) Musing - In Praise of Buffers
Book Reviews
by Ole Thyssen and Ranulph Glanville
Personal Tributes
by Frank Galuszka (p. 189), Klaus Krippendorff (p. 195), Cornelia Bessie (p. 197), Tom von Foerster (p.202) and Andy von Foerster (p. 204)
The artists are Frank Galuszka and Christina Waters, the poet is Bill Schiffer

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